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Sona Mohapatra and Neeraj Shridhar collaborate for the latest single Dholna

This wedding season, Sona Mohapatra and Neeraj Shridhar are all set to make you dance to the wedding song of the year, Dholna. It was released on 6th September on the official YouTube Channel of Koinage Records and its audio is now available on all the music streaming platforms.

Dholna means beloved and is a popular endearment in Punjabi. The arrangements of Dholna include a wonderful rhythm section of Dhols along with a string section &

strains of the shehnai blended with modern instruments like the acoustic guitars & bass. All this is tied together by the husky & soulful vocals of Sona Mohapatra and the heart-touching composition of Neeraj Shridhar, making this song a perfect wedding anthem.

Dholna is directed by Anand Mishra, and the video includes rich and elaborate visuals of various ceremonies of an Indian wedding. The video portrays an unrequited love story between actors, the gorgeous Sonnalli Seygall and handsome hunk Gaurav Bajaj.

The fairy tale wedding setting has a happy ending with a wonderful message of ‘Music is Magic’ because ultimately the music brings the lovers together!

Sona Mohapatra is featured in the video as a rockstar. She is seen performing with a unique all-women band playing instruments like the dhol, harmonium, drums, and bass guitar. Sona’s styling stands out in the midst of all the pretty pinks & pastels. Even her Instagram account calls it her #GunsNRoses #BadassBridal or Military Glam avatar look.

Dholna is composed and written by the very talented pop icon Bombay Vikings aka Neeraj Shridhar. He already rocked the charts with Kya Soorat Hai’, ‘Woh Chali’ and

Bollywood hits like ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’ & ‘Chor Bazaari’ & many more. Very few people know that he has composed & produced a lot of these songs himself. Sona Mohapatra is known for her independent hits like Bolo Na, Mujhe Kya Bechega Rupaiya, and much more. Recently Aise Na They put her on the New York Times Square billboard. She is also known for her Bollywood tracks like Naina, Jiya Lage Na, Daav Laga, Ambarsariyaa amongst others.

Sona Mohapatra says,” It was truly a joy rendering Dholna because the song is set in a classic, grand soundscape of a filmy love song, beautifully composed by Neeraj

Shridhar and also has a whole set of complex emotions including love, a bittersweet flavor & even a cry of ‘pukaar apart from a chorus full of celebration & dance.

This is a true successor to my Ambarsariya & Heere Heere with its glorious folk roots & soul will definitely be the Shaadi Song to dance in for all Seasons.“

Neeraj Shridhar mentioned that “The people never expected this type of Indian Folk track from me. It was a big challenge for me as well. The thought about this song came to my mind 6 months ago. Then I felt I should create something like this. Today when I hear it or look at the video, I feel it was a justified decision. Especially Sona Mohapatra made its essence come alive”.

Sonnalli Seygall said, “Dholna is something you would want to listen to again and again. It has every element that will make it the wedding song of the year, it’s music, choreography, everything. From rehearsals till the day of the shoot, the whole team gave their best foot forward, I am hoping the audience will love Dholna.“

Gaurav mentioned,” The moment I heard this song, my foot started tapping on its beat and my head was swaying. That very moment, I knew this is something I would love to be part of. The video has a beautiful Indian wedding setting, with all the bright colors and much more. I am looking forward to seeing how the audience will take it.”

Dholna is definitely a beautiful kick start to the upcoming festive & wedding season.

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