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Sonali Jaffar: I think good content rules the TV screen… there are shows that have worked irrespective of the gender headlining the story

Being the brain and hand behind popular shows on the tube, Sonali Jaffar is a name to reckon with in Indian television. Shows associated with her include Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, Tujshe hai Raabta, Qurbaan Hua, among others. The very busy person that she is, Sonali takes out some time to discuss a few things about television.

Even though the industry has progressed content-wise, somewhere in all TV shows we will find one woman who every now and then becomes a villain. Explaining, Sonali adds, “I think that women mostly watch these shows, and their problems generally in the house in that environment come from other women, so that gets preference. Also, a man taking on a woman that doesn’t make a good visual. I mean it’s a back-handed compliment because two women that are in conflict with each other always make a better visual than a conflict between a man and a woman unless there is romance. I think two women can make a better picture, so I don’t think it’s a convenient thing to do, rather it’s done by choice to keep things engaging.”

Addressing the ‘female actors getting preference over their male counterparts on TV’ debate, Sonali shares her point of view. She also reveals about her upcoming production in the process.

“With every other domain that belongs to man, I think this is the only space that’s left for women to rule. Of Course, things are changing but they’re changing for the better only. But, more than anything else I think good content is the reason behind a show’s success. I feel there are strong characters written, there’s a new show that we’re planning which has a male leading the story, so let’s see how that works out for us and maybe that will be the game-changer,” she adds.

It’s true that women should be respected both in real life and reel worlds but sometimes shows seem to go overboard and portray women as if they are next to god. And that at times makes them look unreal.

“Yes, I think women are generally stronger than men and it’s very well accepted, emotionally and physically. Also, the thing of giving birth is like a huge thing, women-only can do that and that’s the ultimate pain they go through. So yes everyone looking up to women is natural, isn’t it? But at the same time, we should not go overboard. I guess we don’t have to because women are anyway more powerful,” she says.*

Talking more on how it is commonly believed that women rule the TV screens like men rule the silver screen, Sonali ends on a different note. “I think good content rules the TV screen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man, woman, or a child, we have seen so many shows that have worked irrespective of the gender headlining. It’s just good content that works. Period,” she signs off.

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