Surprise! Maninder Buttar Opens Up About His Wedding and Debut Film!

A lot of singers have turned to act in the Punjabi entertainment industry. And because this practice is so prevalent, it has established a misconception that every Punjabi musician would eventually resort to acting. However, the predictions are now proving to be incorrect. He is none other than Maninder Buttar, well known for his role in the film “Sakhiyaan.”

Maninder had a Question/Answer session on social media to connect with his followers, and one of them inquired about his plans for a film. ‘Maninder had several film and web series opportunities, but he turned them all down. His job is to write wonderful songs and albums, and that is something that will bring him joy. He finished the speech by revealing that he had already written his screenplay and that, with God’s approval, he would try his hand at performing with it.” Have a look here-



Another fan inquired about his relationship and marital status, to which he responded that he will marry this year and that it would be planned. His parents want him to marry, which he does shortly after they find a good match for the singer.


Let’s see when we’ll see Maninder on the big screen and how effectively he’ll show off his talents. His song lyrics are usually excellent, and we should expect the same from the script of his upcoming first feature.

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