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‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’: Gopika saves the day!

Star Bharats’ Tera Mera Saath Rahe has been entertaining its audience with their story line. With massive twists and turns growing in with each episode Gopika is nearing the day to leave the Modi house. In the on-going episode where Gopika has kept a karvachauth vrat for Saksham – he denies being a part of these festivities as he believes that their marriage is a lie.

Amidst all this chaos of multiple traditions and family functions Gopika is adamant on fasting for the long life of her husband. In todays’ episode the viewers will see Saksham leaving for Tokyo to crack a business deal where he asks for a suitcase with his clothes packed and sent to the office – along with the designs that Radhika has sent. While Gopika sends the suitcase – she happens to forget sending the designs for the meeting.

In the middle of the functions – Mithila receives a call asking her to check the news as it announces that the flight that Saksham was to board has crashed causing the death of Saksham Modi. With the family grieving this untimely loss – Gopika believes that Saksham will return and nothing has happened to him. While her prayers have been answered and Saksham returns – little does he know the panic the entire family has been through.

Saksham happens to miss his flight and returns home in anger yelling and blasting of Gopika for her carelessness of not sending the designs. Not knowing that she is the reason he is alive – Mithila brings him to the realization that the reason he is standing there today is only because of Gopika

Will this help Saksham create feelings for Gopika?

Will Gopika be respected in the house after this fiasco?

Will Mithila accept Gopika as her daughter in law ?

One can only wait and find out

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