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Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Mithila decides to test Ashi and Gopika’s willpower

The drama in the Modi Mansion has just begun, in the upcoming episode of Tera Mera Saath Rahe we will see both- Gopika and Ashi face their share of problems.




A jealous Ashi is now completely insecure due to the importance and respect Gopika is receiving from the family. She fears that Gopika will now be treated like a queen in the Modi Mansion.




Celebrations are about to begin, all the elders in the family give both the newlywed couples their blessings. Just as everything goes well, Gopika faces her first challenge.




Mithila asks Gopika to do Lord Krishna’s pooja as she is deserving of the responsibility but an illiterate Gopika fails to read out the chant. However, her love for Lord Krishna rescues her in this difficult situation and she realizes that she knows the chant by heart.




Ashi was hopeful Gopika would fail, dejected and hungry she leaves the pooja to call Ramila and complain. After drinking all the milk in the fridge that was saved for the Rasam that was about to happen, Ashi gets caught redhanded by the entire family!




Mithila scolds Ashi for her irresponsibility and decides to punish her through a test. Confident of her choice, Mithila decides to make Gopika compete against Ashi.


Will Ashi and Gopika pass Mithila’s test? How will a timid and scared Gopika handle the pressure?




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