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“That the character was flawed and had a lot of layers to experiment with”, Kriti Sanon opens up on reasons that made her take up the role in MiMi

Kriti Sanon is riding high on the success of her solo lead outing in MiMi. The actress gave a rousing performance in the film and established herself amongst the top league of actresses in Bollywood. Kriti nailed her role in the film and the the actress has now opened up on the reason she took up the role of MiMi.

In an interview with a leading film magazine the actress shared, “I donfeel nervous before I take up any role. But here I knew that it was much more amplified. The story revolved around my character and I was the central part of the film and yes, given the subject, it was a responsibility playing this role. But honestly, I wanted to branch out a bit of my mould and take up something that would allow me to dig deeper and do something unique, something other than the roles I have been regularly taking up. I wanted to do something more layered, more intense, where I could experiment and play many more shades in the character. She was adorable, and naive, and so straightforward. But then she was also someone who could get frustrated, throw things around, throw tantrums and tear up all posters as she felt that she’s just destroyed her dreams. So, that was another side to this girl with childlike innocence.”

She continued, “Secondly, the scene wherein she holds her baby for the first time, the transitionary moment was also something that was a lot more exciting to play. There are scenes wherein she goes and beats up the motorbike guy and vents out her pent-up frustration. So, this role demanded so much emotionally and this is something every actor finds exciting because we don’t usually get to do so much unconventional roles. And I didn’t feel pressured to play it, rather felt that I have to give my 200 percent to it.”

Ever since the film came out Kriti has been receiving endless unanimous praise. The actress has shattered the past achievements of her own career as she has reached new heights with the success of this film and entered the big leagues with her last film.

‘Adipurush’, ‘Bhediya’, ‘Bachchan Pandey’, ‘Ganapath’ and ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ are all part of Kriti’s big and bold upcoming projects alongwith a few untitled ones in the fray.

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