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Varsha Sharma on Rakshabandhan taking a 15-year leap: New twists and turns are essential to make a show interesting

Varsha Sharma, who plays one of the leading roles Rasal, in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal is excited that the show has taken a 15-year leap. This time, according to the actor, the audience is going to witness a “lot of love, drama and action”.


“New twists and turns are essential to make a show interesting. Rasal is grown up now and even more fierce and loving.  She is a girl who you will fall in love with. She loves her bhai sa played by Nishant Malkani as Shiva bhai. Rasal is a selfless human being. She is kind, fierce and fun as well,” says Varsha.


The actor feels that watching the grown up Rasal and Shiva will appeal to the audience. “I’m very sure they will enjoy the show all the more. Yes it’s about the brother-sister bond and love, which is not usual in daily soaps. I hope the audience will love me as Rasal. And, on my part, I’m going to put my every bit to entertain the audience,” she adds.


Heaping praises on the makers of the show, she says, “Yash sir and Mamta ma’am are sweethearts. It is very inspiring for me as a person and also as an actor to work with them. I love them.”

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