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Vidhi Pandya is strong-willed yet innocent: Brother Urmil Pandya

“She is someone who is strong-willed yet innocent and sometimes misunderstood. But she has always been someone who is willing to take risks and not afraid to put forward her opinions. She is five years younger to me, but I can proudly say that she inspires me with her confidence towards challenges,” he said.
Initially, he was hesitant about her participating in the reality show because he is protective towards her.
“I didn’t want her to expose her personal side to a judgemental and hypocritical world at a young age where people don’t understand that we can make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that the person is bad. But like I said, she is a determined girl and she was able to convince me that you should never let go of an opportunity which has a chance to help in your career plus, Bigg Boss is something that she wanted to experience,” said Urmil.
“I was afraid that people might misunderstand her because of her tone or words used when she is angry. People who are watching the show are not her family and don’t know what she means and can take things negatively. But that is part of the Bigg Boss journey and looking at the love that she is receiving, makes me feel good that people can see how adorable a person she is,” he said.
He thanks God for sending her into his life. “Otherwise, I don’t know whether I would have been able to live my life truly. Every moment with her is special, be it travelling or sitting in the house and lazing around. I hope it always stays the same,” he said.
Talking about the Tum Aise Hi Rehna actress’ BB journey so far, he said, “It’s been a rollercoaster ride. We have seen every side of hers, be it cuteness, aggression or the fun side. It always scares me when I see her aggression, but then of course we have also seen how calm she is most of the time and doesn’t indulge in unnecessary talks.”
He has a message for her fans.
“Thank you for all your support till now. Please continue loving her. She is someone who is young and lives by heart, so that’s why sometimes she can make mistakes. But above all, she is a pure soul, so continue supporting and blessing her and she will make you proud,” he said.

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