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When you create an on-screen image people have a certain expectation from you even off-screen: Priyanka Lalwani

Priyanka Lalwani, known for her role in popular TV show “Jamai Raja”, feels that it’s not always, but sometimes the actors do go through the pressure of looking good off the reel too.

She said, “When you create an on-screen image people have a certain expectation from you even off-screen. Most of the time it’s ok there’s no pressure because it’s a part and parcel of our lives but sometimes it gets too much.”

“I wish they normalise that it’s okay to dress down sometimes or just be yourself,” she added.

The young actress feels that in some way social media too is responsible for this. “As much as social media has helped us all to stay connected there’s always this constant pressure that you can’t upload a picture donning the same look. You have to always be a little conscious about how your look is for the content you upload.”

She further said, “Earlier it was for appearances and shows but now it’s all digital, whether it is for uploading content, brand associations, staying connected to the audiences etc. so it becomes difficult to have a new look every time,” she added.

But she confessed that it’s good that now actors are open about their grooming routine and don’t shy away from talking about it in the public.

“It’s great! I love this change. Why should only women be taking the benefits of self-care? Why should only we bear the pain of waxing, this way men also come to know the lengths we go through to keep ourselves the way we are. But having said that it’s important to take care of ourselves and when actors do it people follow them and that way we are normalising all this and making the world a better place and hopefully judgment-free,” Priyanka stressed.

“For the longest time how we dress up has defined our status symbol which constantly puts pressure on the normal public. People who don’t have the privileges to do so are looked down upon. We are slowly breaking the barriers where some of the richest people are wearing very basic clothing which people are appreciating and following as well. The pandemic has also affected our clothing choices it has taught us to be more considerate towards our preferences. Now it’s about valuing personal comfort above everything else,” she added.

When asked who is the most stylish male and female actor according to her, she said, “Male actors these days are more fearless with the choices they make like Ranveer Singh, Vicky Kaushal, Shahid Kapoor. But the first actor that comes to my mind is Ayushmann Khurrana. The way he carries himself even with the basic outfit like the transition from his gym clothes to suits that’s what makes him stand out. Plus he has a very charming personality and let’s not forget a good voice,” she said.

“As far as female actors are concerned, the first name that comes to my mind is Sonam Kapoor because she is edgy, she’s not afraid to explore with her looks. But, personally I relate to Deepika Padukone’s style. Chic yet quirky and trendy but most of all comfort. You can see some of her latest pictures where she is very casually dressed it looks so effortless and comfortable,” Priyanka concluded.

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