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“Working out is great but over working is a state of mind we all must be mindful off”, says actress Seerat Kapoor

The Bollywood industry is one such industry which is full of glam, fame, and glitter from the outside but the reality is sometimes very different. With all the fame and shine, also comes a lot of stress and pressure on your mental health. Very few people in the industry, actually come out and share things related to it. And one such thoughtful actress is Seerat Kapoor. The actress, who has a massive fan following on her social media, always has something very meaningful to share with her fans.

The actress, who is also a fitness enthusiast always shares videos from her workout regimes and has been seen talking about mental health and it’s significance.

Looking at the current phase the Bollywood industry is going through Seerat shares, “It is very unfortunate and disheartening to witness the loss of such young lives. It makes me ponder, if there is a learning for us all to take from this.”

Adding more to it, the actress shared,
“Today, the meaning of being fit may be misinterpreted or limited to just a tonned physique but if your mental makeup is feeling ignored or disconnected to you along the way, it’s already a sign.”

“Working out is great, but over working is a state of mind we all must be mindful off. We must start paying closer attention to our thoughts, what we say to ourselves and others. Allow yourself to be open to feelings and express them. Be sensitive listeners towards each other because life is tough for all and everyone is learning how to cope and rise above their inner struggles. No two people are the same, nor are their circumstances. So let’s consciously make room for another and be kind”

In terms of her professional career, Seerat Kapoor will debut in Maarich, a major Bollywood film, opposite Tushar Kapoor and Nasiruddin Shah.

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