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Youth icon, Tiger Shroff Launches global campaign on Urban Forests and Climate Change

Initiative by Bhamla Foundation ably supported by Mr Erick Solhem. Deforestation and Climate Change need our urgent attention. The solution to counter these threats is Urban Afforestation. Our challenge is to strategically create & expand Urban forests and control the climatic change.


Speaking on the subject of climate change and ways to tackle it with this campaign, Tiger Shroff shared, “I feel really honoured to be a part of such an important global campaign with Bhamla Foundation because conserving the urban forests and slowing down climate change is the need of the hour if we want to build a sustainable future for us all.  Even a small change in your lifestyle at home can go a long way in protecting the environment so I hope to bring as much support from people, especially the youth as I can, for this campaign”.

“We are honoured to have a youth icon like Tiger Shroff as the face of this global campaign and we are confident that this campaign would create greater consciousness and seriousness of the youth towards the environment conservation,” says Asif Bhamla. 


Erick Solhem “I am glad to know about the excellent work Bhamla foundation has done. It has been doing-and immensely contributing towards protecting the environment, developing and conserving urban forest. Having Tiger Shroff as a youth icon, who is the perfect ambassador to drive people especially the youth towards the cause.”

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