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Avika Gor: My fans keep me inspired every day… I really think I’m blessed to have their love and support always

Avika Gor uses the words “absolutely amazing” to sum up her journey so far. The Balika Vadhu actor is happy that the love and blessing from the viewers are increasing each and every day. The fact that they look forward to her work motivates her, the reason why she cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

“My fans keep me inspired every day. When I read their messages, meet people, everyone reminds me of how amazing I am or how much great work I have done till now. It just reminds me that I have been lucky and blessed. This is what inspires me to continue to do what I do with my 100 percent, no matter what,” she says.

Her biggest career highlight is Balika Vadhu. “That’s what everybody else thinks but I really think that there are other things too like my launch in Telugu Movies with Uyyala Jampala and my own production house finishing two movies. I just can’t choose one of them. But yes, Balika Vadhu changed my life, and I’m very proud of the fact that all of these happened to me so early. I really think I’m blessed. I feel a lot of gratitude and do not take anything for granted,” she adds.

Avika has always been fond of acting. She chose this industry because each day she lives for cinema. She also loves the fact that she gets to act, dance, action, emotion, plays various characters.

“I get to feel so much in one day by playing the character. It’s not an easy job and I’m proud of the fact that I have done so much in my life till now that people have already noticed me and I think that really means a lot. They not only accepted me as an actor but now as a producer as well. I have received so much love from this industry and don’t see myself going anywhere,” she says.

Avika knows the tricks of the trade. She ignores the cutthroat competition and the stress that comes with this job and just concentrates on her work.

“At times, ignorance is bliss, but obviously being aware is intelligent. I know about the competition, I know how much people want to be in the space that I am in and I acknowledge that. I work hard every day to make myself worthy of what I have. Never get carried away with the whole idea of competition. The only thing that I need to work hard for is to continue receiving the kind of love that I have received till now. And I think that I am my own competition and try to do better every day. I just have to be the best version of myself and don’t want to get affected either by success or failure,” she shares.

Success to Avika means different things. She always looks up to characters she would want to play, and is now happy getting the kind of work she has been interested in doing. Her films, #Bro, Cinema Choopistha Mava and Uyyala Jampala have made her content.

“For me success is when I’m happy from within and I do not have any complaints. And, I think I’m already in that stage where nothing really affects me too much and I am happy. Well, to me happiness is equal to being successful and obviously there are benchmarks that I’ve set for myself and I want to achieve them. Every day when I wake up, I eat healthy, do my workout and go for my shoot and give my 100%, and at the end of the day, I feel successful,” she replies.

Sharing her take on the fame game in the industry and the importance of visibility, she adds, “It’s important to be visible, that is one of the reasons I never took any breaks. I really believe that the ability in me is something that has got me here and I believe that the love that I have received from my audience has been there because I was pretty much visible almost every day on their TV screens for many years. I believe that it’s important, and there are two sides to it. There are people who actually believe in the negative publicity as well just to be visible. I don’t see myself there. But I also see myself just being approachable, just being available for my fans.”

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