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Bigg Boss 15: Did you hear Vidhi Pandya roar?

“Bigg Boss” is back with a bang with its fifteenth season, and the contestants are in full form, but looks like the “awesome mirror” did not do a good job when it referred to Vidhi Pandya as a panda of the jungle, because she was nothing less than a tigress in the recent episode.

On day two, Bigg Boss asked the jungle mates to give away all their belongings except their essentials. This was supposed to be done under the supervision of Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat. While the inmates were discussing whether to let the men use trimmers or not and everyone is supporting the decision, Afsana Khan said that it’s Bigg Boss’ property and let’s give it back. Vidhi who was standing just next to her politely asked her to not say anything as the boys won’t be able to use them. Afsana shouted at Vidhi that she is no one to ask her to keep quiet and even pushed her.

Vidhi warned her about it and said that she can’t get physical with her. In fact, the other housemates also jumped in to support Vidhi. Later, when it came to keeping their luggage in the BB cave, Afsana once again taunted Vidhi and said that she won’t keep it. But Vidhi was quick to remind her that Bigg Boss has ordered it and they all must follow. Not one to keep quiet, Afsana said that if she is so interested then she can keep her luggage too, to which Vidhi replied that she is a contestant here and not her servant.

Well, it’s just the beginning, but seeing Vidhi fight for her own rights was a pure delight. Good going our tigress.

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