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From taking a nostalgic trip to the stellar cast, here are 4 reasons why you should definitely watch Amazon’s upcoming series, I Know What You Did Last Summer

A good thriller series is one which sends chills down your spine with its nail-biting twists and turns that simply blows your mind. So, if you are a person who loves to binge watch a mystery movie or series and loves to keep their excitement at the pinnacle, then Amazon Prime Video has an offering for you. I Know What You Did Last Summer is an upcoming mystery-thriller series which is based on the novel of the same name written by Lois Duncan. Written and Produced by Sara Goodman the first four episodes of this series will premiere on October 15, with new episodes airing every Friday, leading up to the season finale on November 12. With viewers already raving about the recently-released trailer, here are 4 reasons why we simply can’t wait to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer.

A trip down memory lane

The upcoming web series is inspired from the iconic movie, of the same name, from the 1990s. Viewers simply fell in love with the film, that was based on the novel by the same name written by Lois Duncan. The cinematography and the story line made it a nail-biting thriller movie and kept everyone at the edge of their seats. Rest assured that there will be multiple times when you watch this series and will be hit hard with some good old 90s nostalgia.

Mystery and Thrill

Keeping the essence and storyline same to the original movie, the new series is a mystery thriller full of twists and turns. Though it only gets better, the mystery will continue for a longer duration and is all geared up to give us the extra and unexpected thrills in between the series with an astonishing climax.

The Stellar Cast

The most important element of any series or movie is the cast they take and how they get into their character’s skin. This mystery show has a stellar cast with phenomenal artists known for performing versatile roles. The series stars Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Bill Heck, Brooke Bloom and Ashley Morre in the lead, who are all geared up to show you their impeccable acting skills.

Sara Goodman

Writer and executive producer of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sara Goodman is known as a phenomenal actress and a writer, She has perfectly blended these two roles to came up with a host of classic, unforgettable roles and scripts in her career. As the writer of the upcoming series, viewers can expect a lot of fun, chase and thrill from this show.

So, grab that tub of popcorn and watch this series with your family and friends.

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