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Ranveer Singh Malik praises his Radha Mohan co-star, Sambhabana Mohanty

Many times when two people work together on a daily basis, they form a special bond. Such is the case of Ranveer Singh Malik and Sambhabana Mohanty, who play Rahul and Damini in Prateek Sharma’s Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan. Ranveer talks about their friendship and how it has helped them perform well on screen.

“It would be very partial to take any more person’s name when it comes to the entire team of Radha Mohan as everyone has their own beautiful place in my heart. But if I have to take one name it would definitely be Sambhabana Mohanty, because with her I share an awesome bond. She is vibrant, talented and I really like her tomboy nature. She really makes a person comfortable and the most important quality she has is her outgoing nature which is a proof of her being a clean-hearted person,” he says.

He also points out Sambhabana helping nature. “She always guides people around her with her suggestions about looks, acting, scenes, makeup and everything else. Also, to make us look good, perform well, especially me, because we both are playing characters having negative shades, she points out my mistakes. Sambhabana also appreciates when I perform well. Everything together makes her quite a genuine person because very few people in the industry want the best for you. I really respect her for that,” he adds.

Ranveer also praises the entire unit of the show. He says that the set is a happy place with everyone who is a part of the show and is always trying to be there for each other.

So how do you spend your free time on the set? “During lunch hours, everyone sits together and shares each other’s lunch. So, at the end of all the sharing our plate looks like rajbhog thali (laughs). I would like to mention about the Malai Chicken that Sambhabana cooks. It is so yummy that each and every person on the set including our director and Shabir Bhai ( who plays the role of Mohan) are big fans of that dish. There is so much love that we all share which makes our team the best team,” he ends.

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