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Sushant Kandya’s entry as Special Agent Ambar Rawat to evoke new twists and turns in Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil – Manne Na

Sony SAB’s energetic and romance-driven show ‘Ziddi Dil – Manne Na’ has amassed tremendous ove for enthralling the viewers with a variety of exciting twists. The upcoming episodes promise more adrenaline-pumping action as the show is all set to take a crucial turn with the entry of Ambar Rawat (Sushant Kandya) amidst Special Agent Karan Shergil’s (Shaalien Malhotra) suspension from his duty.

Sid Ganju (Kunal Karan Kapoor) falls unconscious on being punished by Special Agent Karan Shergil with no food and water for days. In the meanwhile, Sid’s struggle was being captured on video and in no time, it gets turned into viral footage. Furious on watching the video, the ministry reacts and demands immediate action. Special Agent Ambar Rawat enters the academy to further investigate the matter. Forced to give up his duty and uniform, Special Agent Karan Shergil is suspended until the end of the enquiry process. With an underlying agenda, Special Agent Ambar Rawat seeks this as an opportunity to enter the academy and takes over the role of Special Agent Karan Shergil.

What is Special Agent Ambar Rawat’s motive? How will things change for Karan Shergill? Shaalien Malhotra who plays the role of Special Agent Karan Shergil, said, `This is a devasting moment for Special Agent Karan Shergil as he is cast off his duty and uniform for punishing Sid Ganju. While these scenes demand a rollercoaster of emotions, I ensured to give it my best and I could feel the emotions Karan felt with his suspension. I hope the audience will enjoy watching the upcoming episodes as they are up for a thrilling experience.`

Sushant Kandya who will be seen entering the show as Special Agent Ambar Rawat, said, `Exploring different roles is one of my fortes. I am glad to be associated with this show. It allows me to don a new avatar, Special Agent Ambar Rawat. Shooting for these scenes was intense but also something I enjoyed doing at the same time. It will be interesting to watch when Special Agent Ambar Rawat and Special Agent Karan Shergil come face to face. Viewers to witness some exciting new twists and turns. So please do continue to keep supporting the show.`

Tune in to watch Ziddi Dil – Manne Na from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB

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