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Way beyond what I expected: Ekavali Khanna on the response she is receiving for ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba

Ekavali Khanna, who won hearts with her stunning performance in ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba 3, recently made a startling confession. The actress revealed that she was thrown off by the response the anthology brought for her. “The response to the show after the release has actually thrown me off,” Ekavali said. “It’s way beyond what I expected. I always knew that ALTBalaji has a huge reach, but I had never imagined that so many people were going to reach out to me to say that they loved my look in the show and the way I portrayed Sarla.”

Talking further on it, Ekavali added, “I think, especially for an anthology, with so many actors when the audience comes back with a response saying that we loved your performance, we loved the acting prowess that you brought to the table in the show, it is the biggest compliment.”

Ekavali also added that the show has been out of her comfort zone, but it has brought her immense gratification. “That is my greatest takeaway; that I have used my skill as an actor and the audience has appreciated it. I think that for me is a huge achievement and it is very gratifying. That is what makes this whole experience very gratifying. This was something that I did step out of my comfort zone and it is being acknowledged, and accepted as well. So I think that response is something which is making me feel very gratified at the moment.”

Hai Taubba 3 is the third chapter in the popular franchise that exclusively streams on ALTBalaji. Hai Taubba Chapter 3 focuses on women and empowers them by lauding their decisions unapologetically. The new chapter will be about women who refuse to abide by societal norms and decide to break out of their monotonous lives to live the lives they truly desire. These stories are about what society considers taboo today. It vividly brings out the imperfections in these women’s lives and how they embrace them to make changes in the status quo and live their lives to the absolute fullest.

Hai Taubba is currently streaming on ALTBalaji. Binge-watch the four episodes right away.

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