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Why Netflix’s Korean show Squid Game has become everyone’s obsession?

Whenever we talk about Korean shows, one thing that struck our mind is the kind of overwhelming performances, enthralling screenplay, and art direction they introduce. Still, remember the first-ever non-English language film Parasite gaining the Best Picture award at the 92nd Academy Awards. At that time, Korean cinema proved that it’s not about the high scale visual effects that attract one’s mind but the kind of perfection and magnetism, a screenplay has that can be pulled the audience’s intellect. Similarly, once again a new Korean show Squid Game which is trending on top of Netflix’s binge list has become everyone’s obsession.

From the first glimpse of its poster, the show seemed similar to the Spanish show Money Heist, well all the credit goes to the indistinguishable red jumpsuit that has been worn by actors in Squid Game and off course a huge big ball of glass filled with an uncountable cash prize. But thank god, the trailer throws cold water on one’s hopes.

If we talk about, how Squid Game has become everyone’s obsession then the approbation must have been delivered to the creator, director, and writer, Hwang Dong-hyuk. His commendable job of portraying class disparity with the unusual childhood games is just mind-boggling. Well, the Squid Game plotline revolves around Seong Gi-hun played by actor Lee Jung-jae, a chauffeur, gambling addict, and divorcee who lives with his mother and always struggles to support his daughter financially. One day, his life changes when a gentleman walks into his life. The guy invites him to play games but it is nothing that Seong is expecting.

Squid Game centers on a children’s game where a total of 456 players participate. Each and every player is facing a financial crisis but their life could be change if they win the 45.6 billion Won prize money. The show perfectly showcases the class disparity and economic struggles, people of Korea face.

The show is still trending on streaming giant and has become Netflix’s most-watched program in several regional markets. Recently, some of our desi netizens compared the show plotline with Sanjay Datt, Imran Khan and Shruti Haasan starrer 2009 released film Luck which is based on a similar storyline where a gambling kingpin offers a bunch of people to try their luck in the deadliest game in return of hefty money. Well, only
Hwang Dong-hyuk can answer the question if he has watched the Hindi film Luck which was a loose adaptation of the 2001 Spanish thriller Intacto.

All-in-all, Squid Game has its own aura which is impeccable whether it is about the actors’ performances, screenplay, direction or show theme. Every aspect of the show is exhilarative, electrifying and breathtaking. So if you haven’t watched the show then grab your popcorn and stream it right now. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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